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Saturday, July 13, 2013


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Linda P.

Your flowers are beautiful, Mercedes, and I love that you are bringing some blooms indoors. I really like the pretty girl figurine you showed us in one of your photos!

Yes, it's good to listen to our bodies even when our wills want to go full steam ahead!


beautiful flowers almost as beautiful as the crown that arrived on my door step ... oh my it is STUNNING .. thank you I love it and the added butterflies that flew in the air as I open the Painters tin ... thank you again for swapping with me hugs wendy


OHH i could just sit and smell them all day. my plantings didnt turn out so all my peonies died :( dang icky soil...but next year i will try again..


Oh, those peonies! So beautiful! The roses are lovely, too. Your hard work paid off.


Your garden sounds gorgeous and your roses are divine! :)

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