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Sunday, July 15, 2012


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Wow Mercedes your studio space is absolutely amazing!!!

cathy @ ma vie trouvee

What a lovely space to create in! I love the shot looking through the mirror. I am like you - I want to be able to see all my stuff. So fun to see what everyone has in their studios!

jo in tas

What a gorgeous room to foster creativity, beautiful!


Hi Mercedes, I LOVE your space, it's filled with beauty and warmth. I love the shabby touches! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and for your lovely comment about my studio, it really means so much.

xo, abby

Michele Askeroth

Hi Mercedes, I think your studio reminds me of my studio. And I love your pictures. It is downright beautiful! I wish we lived close by each other. It is funny, but I am really thinking you are more like me everyday. My beautiful hatbox from you is where everyone can see it now in my studio. I love it so much and I think I am stashing that fan in my purse for when I get hot at church! Thanks so much for visiting and have a lovely Sunday. Also thanks again for being such an amazing partner in the hatbox swap. I knew you would be!


Mercedes, I love each and every detail. I have seen the vintage baby shoes throughout a few studios while visiting Karen's WBC this weekend. Gives me an idea to display some of my own children's baby shoes instead of having them all out of site in a chest.

LOVE the jar with the dominoes, big fan of black and white. I'm also a fan of children's books (hence, The Shop Around the Corner), especially old ones with plenty of whimsical illustrations. I do not collect them, but do have a few of my own growing up as well as my children's. Yours are gorgeous. Also love the hat box storage idea.

I am practically just getting started as far as craft supplies and such, but I am having loads of fun in my little corner. Come meet Love and take her dressing room tour. :)

Enjoyed visiting the sunshine room.


its soooo pretty


It s zoo pretty....


It makes sense that ALL of those beautiful creations come from this beautiful room! It is gorgeous Mercedes! xoxo

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